From Dusk Till Dawn – photos of Frankfurt, exhibition [EN]

From Dusk Till Dawn – Fotos of Frankfurt, exhibition

Worlds collide when the analogue hits digital

Today, I’m happy to announce my next exhibition around photos of Frankfurt. They pay tribute to the buzz of a big city and the hours of twilight from dusk till dawn. Each motifs title tells a short story by itself about rising, going to work and returning to bed. It’s the calm atmosphere I wanted to capture most and mix those images with hectic ones. The latter representing noises from outside tugging one back into reality.

To achieve this look I’ve used a photographic trick: While the photo is being taken I advance the film to the next slide. That’s how the lights in the image above get dragged into surreal lines. It feels like a dream ripping and a sleep disturbed.

Analogue film – medium of choice

That’s just one aspect I chose film over digital. I wanted my photos of Frankfurt to have warm and soft tones like out of a memory. Analogue film does a great job conveying that.  To compliment the medium I mostly went for long focal lengths. These tell only little about the surroundings and leave room for imagination. At the same time the imagery becomes softer and more calm. Hence, the viewers focus shifts towards the warm colours and compositions.

The titles accompanying each photo I enjoy a lot. They create an extra layer of though and remind us of our own morning routine. To achieve that I used very simple and clear terms like Morning Coffee, Breeze or Commuting.

Where can I see these photos of Frankfurt?

The images will be on exhibit on the Metaverse platform oncyber as virtual tour. The first thing most of us do when we get up is: Checking our phones for notifications and news on social media. To me it was a given I wanted to incorporate this aspect into the work as well. Hence, my analogue photos of Frankfurt and the digital world of blockchain collide and a new form of art comes to existence.

Each photo is limited to 1. The digital and physical copies are linked. Whoever buys the digital asset receives the physical one free of charge. This offer is available until May 31st. After that date, the remaining NFTs will be burned – just like our memories of dreams.

This way to the exhibition.